What is Lily?

Lily is a shopping app that helps women discover and buy clothes that make them look & feel their best, from their favorite brands both online and in stores. But here’s the kicker: it’s done through the most innovative discovery process which allows Lily to understand each and every woman’s unique perceptions and emotions about her own body. That way, Lily can find exactly what the user needs based on their favorite styles and how those styles will fit on their body. Talk about a win-win.

Can Lily really understand a user’s feelings?

Totally! Lily has some serious rocket science going on! Lily asks the user how they feel about their body & style through a series of questions and with the combination of a complex matching algorithm and Artificial Intelligence, can link the patterns of their responses into suggestions that will satisfy both their emotional needs and stylish wants.

Does the app really work in the store?

Yes, like a charm. As soon as the user walks in the store, Lily shows the top clothes the user will be sure to love based on what she already knows about them! Or the user can reserve clothes from the Lily app in their favorite physical store and pick it up whenever they want! It’s easy, just ask for your package at the reserve-in-store/pickup-in-store desk at any store.

Do you accept international orders?

For now, we only ship in the United-States and the app is only for iPhone users. We’ll absolutely keep you posted as we expand internationally!

Is shopping on Lily secure?

Lily has partnered with Braintree Payment Solutions, a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. Your information is protected under the most secure level possible.

How do I return or get my refund?

The return policy should be right on the packaging with the items you’ve received from the retailer. If return instructions are not available with your package, go to Order History and select "Return" next to the item you'd like to send back. This will prompt the return instructions for the specific retailer to pop up! As soon as we have confirmation that the return has been accepted, we’ll refund you for your order! Please allow 3-4 weeks for a refund to be processed.

How do I cancel my order?

Simply visit Order History and tap "Cancel."
a) If the order is not confirmed and not already on its way to you, we will try our best to cancel the order and consequently refund you.
b) If the order is already confirmed or is on its way, we’ll send you all the information you need to return it to the retailer. As soon as we get word from the retailer that they have the item back, we’ll process your refund!

What phone does Lily work on?

The mobile app will be available on iPhone first. But don’t worry, Android will get hooked up soon enough as well.

More questions?

Get in touch at If you provide your phone number we will give you a call back to discuss your queries as soon as possible.